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Nurses are a vital part of our medical landscape. The job title says it all: you nurse people back to health. It is a challenging, yet rewarding, job that requires a unique combination of people and technical skills. As a student pursuing an online education in nursing, you have the opportunity to learn a variety of health-related skills and innovative medical technologies that are building a healthier tomorrow for future generations.

An online degree in nursing is a crucial part of becoming a nurse. As a nursing student at an online school, your online studies may include coursework in biology, anatomy, physiology, or liberal arts.You can pursue a diploma, certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in nursing; the level of education you choose to pursue can vary, depending upon the type of nurse you’d like to be. For example, a licensed practical nurse must complete a State-approved training program, and a registered nurse can hold a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or diploma. A nursing aide or orderly may also need to complete a certificate or diploma program. A master’s is required in order to become an advanced practice nurse.

As the health care industry grows rapidly, so does the need for qualified nurses. Once you complete your education, you may choose to work as a nurse in a variety of capacities: a private practice, a nursing home, a state facility, or in home health care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that nursing aides and orderlies earned a mean annual wage of nearly $25,000, while registered nurses earned a mean annual wage of approximately $66,500.






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