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Many individuals aren’t aware of how many online medical schools are available today. Thanks to the great increase in technology over the past few years, students can conveniently learn from their homes while studying medical subjects of nearly any variety.

With online medical schools, you can quickly and easily obtain a degree which will allow you to jumpstart your career and begin your professional life in the field of medicine with all of the training, education and skills that you’ll need. In addition, degrees at various levels are available depending on the medical school online that you’re attending.

Get started with your search for online medical schools below with our comprehensive directory, resources and guides.

Directory of Online Medical Schools

Want to develop a fast-paced and rewarding career in one of the country’s biggest industries? An online degree in medical studies can help you parlay your natural bedside manner into a highly-skilled profession. You can learn vital technical and communications skills that will likely make you an asset to any medical practice or health organization.

Pursuing an online education in medical studies is the first step toward becoming a dental hygienist, physical therapy assistant, medical records technician, or radiology technician. Your online studies for a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree program may include coursework in medical coding and billing, medical law and ethics, anatomy and physiology, or medical terminology. Depending on the career track you choose, you may take more speciality classes such as radiology or sonogram technology.

The medical industry is projected to grow rapidly in the next few years. As baby boomers age into their golden years, more and more nursing homes are likely to need expert medical staff. Of course, as long as people need medical care, the health care industry will remain relevant. Training to work in a medical or health field is a smart choice. An education in medical studies from an online school can make you a terrific candidate for any number of medical or health related positions. Salaries vary; the U.S. Department of Labor reported that medical and clinical laboratory technicians earned a mean annual wage of $37,860, while medical records and health information technicians earned a mean annual wage of $33,880.






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