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If you have a passion for righting wrongs, love nothing more than a heated discussion, and count history as one of your favorite subjects, then an online degree in legal studies might be the perfect fit. This liberal arts discipline incorporates the study of ethics, public policy, and the U.S. Constitution, and is a great way to prepare you for a career as a paralegal or legal administrator, or to go to law school.

An online education in legal studies can give you a better understanding of the American justice system, and a better appreciation for the law. Online studies can include coursework in dispute resolution, victim advocacy, legal research, intellectual property, or even preparation for law school. If you are interested in becoming a legal administrator, you will likely need to take courses that emphasize and enhance leadership and communication skills: invaluable when managing a busy law firm’s moving parts. An associate or bachelor’s degree is usually a job requirement to work as a paralegal or legal administrator. The National Federation of Paralegal Associations urges all prospective paralegals to pursue as thorough an education as possible, completing at least 18 credit hours of substantive paralegal courses.

Once you graduate, you can fly like a legal eagle into a satisfying and rewarding career. Law firms big and small rely on their paralegals and administrative staff to assist with research and trial preparation. These are exciting opportunities to gain insight into the legal system. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that about 250,000 people were working as paralegals or legal assistants, earning a mean annual wage of approximately $50,000.






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