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Like it or not, information technology is changing the world. If you think it’s exciting to live on the cutting edge of innovation and you value creativity just as highly as you do the scientific method, consider pursuing an online degree in information technology.

Every industry that you can think of employs IT in some way. From everyday activities like the way we prepare food or listen to music, to the clothing we wear, to the buildings we live in – all of these creature comforts and amenities were designed and created using information technology. More specialized fields like computer engineering or medical devices rely on innovative developments to keep our health and economy at their peak performance. An online education in these studies can prepare you for an exciting career in just about any field you’d like. Your online studies in the pursuit of a certificate, associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree may include coursework in information technology, computer science, engineering, chemistry, or design.

Don’t fight it! Information Technology is here to stay. An online degree in information technology can prepare you to work in a variety of industries, with varied salary potentials. Generally speaking, the higher your degree, the higher your projected salary. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that civil engineering technicians earned a mean annual wage of $46,000, while mechanical engineering technicians earned a mean annual wage of $49,000, nationally.






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