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Communication skills are a vital element of any career. An online degree in media and communications can equip you with vital analytical and editorial skills that can lend themselves to a career in nearly all print, broadcast, and online mediums. The media is rapidly changing, a reflection of the constant stream of new communications technologies.

By pursuing an online education in media and communications, you are studying the transmission and interpretation of information. The evolution of media was crucial to the evolution of the world. The ability to effectively communicate with other people, other communities, is a vital part of the human experience. (But no pressure.) Your online studies in this discipline might include classes on media law and ethics, media criticism, writing and editing, news production, or social scientific theory. Available online degrees include certificates, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

Are you ready to tune into a career in media or communications? Your options seem endless. If you have a nose for news, a career in electronic, broadcast or print journalism might be a great fit. Public relations and communication go hand in hand. Or, a career in marketing could suit you. These are all careers that rely on effective information transmission – a skill which can be further refined by your pursuit of online degrees. Salaries vary widely from industry to industry; in May 2009, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that over 240,000 public relations specialists earned a mean annual wage of about $59,000.






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