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Different aspects of studying business online and an overview of the benefits. Information on how to choose the right business school online, as well as information about the general learning experience of online business universities.

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Directory of Online Communications & Media Schools Communication skills are a vital element of any career. An online degree in media and communications can equip.

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Directory of Online Computers & Technology Schools Think computers are just for checking e-mail and checking up on your Facebook friends? Think again. Many people.

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Directory of Online Education & Teaching Schools A career in education can be as satisfying as it is challenging. A great teacher is the most.

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Directory of Online Information Technology Schools Like it or not, information technology is changing the world. If you think it’s exciting to live on the.

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Directory of Online Legal Schools If you have a passion for righting wrongs, love nothing more than a heated discussion, and count history as one.

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Directory of Online MBA Programs Have you considered furthering your education, but don’t know what for? In today’s day and age, earning advanced degrees and.

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Earn an Online Medical Degree Many individuals aren’t aware of how many online medical schools are available today. Thanks to the great increase in technology.

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Directory of Online Nursing Schools Nurses are a vital part of our medical landscape. The job title says it all: you nurse people back to.

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Directory of Online Technical Schools & Degrees Are you a tech geek? Love to be blinded with science? Consider pursuing an online degree, certificate, or.

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Online universities have become increasingly popular with students – more than 5.6 million of them took at least one online class in the fall of 2009, according to the Sloan Foundation 2010 Survey of Online Learning. That figure represents a growth rate of 21 percent from 2008 enrollment figures. State budget cuts, burgeoning class sizes, competition for seats, and the desire to avoid lengthy commutes and high fuel and parking costs all have pushed more students into choosing distance learning to fulfill their educational goals. Online education has also become more prominent in the business plans of for-profit institutions as well, with 63 percent of reporting institutions saying that distance learning is a crucial aspect of their long-term strategy.

Benefits of online schools

Class size has long been a problem at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Students at online schools typically can choose classes with no waiting lists, and since educational programs are pre-established, colleges can add students without increasing staff size–crucial in time of budget cuts and staff reductions. Many online schools offer tuition at lower rates than nearby college campuses as well.

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When the national recession hit in late 2008, colleges across the nation saw an increase in enrollment from out-of-work students seeking career retraining and post-secondary degrees. At the same time, schools began to see funding levels decrease and in the ensuing years, colleges and universities were forced to eliminate staff. Students flocked to online schools to pursue their studies, and the Sloan Foundation report hints at the beginnings of competition for online education. Nearly three-quarters of all institutions surveyed report an increased demand for online classes and programs.