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Study in Vermont, where you can explore your education and health care options at one the state’s schools.

Education opportunities abound in Vermont

Vermont is probably best known for its maple syrup. So whether you love the idea of making your own syrup or your favorite way to fuel your studies is a heaping plate of pancakes, Vermont can be a great place to get your education.

In Vermont, the cities of Burlington and South Burlington have the most and highest paying jobs in the state, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
You won’t feel alone getting your education. Vermont has a higher percentage of people over the age of 25 with bachelor’s degrees: 29.4 percent versus the national average of 24.4 percent. Education and health care are the state’s driving industries.

A total of 25,740 people were employed in the education sector in the state of Vermont, with a total mean annual salary of $44,260 reported by the BLS.
Vermont also employed a total of 16,780 people in the health care industry in 2009, with a mean annual salary of $69,500 according to the BLS.

Here are a few other facts to know when choosing to study in Vermont:
Technology and other information services are projected to have the fastest growing jobs.
In the health care industry, surgeons have the highest mean annual salary in the state with a reported income of $197,940.

Vermont is a great state to get an education, especially if your academic interests are in the education or health care fields. Schools in Vermont offer a variety of degrees along with certificate programs. A school’s directory online often provides extra program information.