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Education is etched into Virginia’s history. With Thomas Jefferson as founder of one of the state’s highly regarded schools and the rich educational surroundings of the early colonies and the Civil War, studying in Virginia is rewarding to those seeking an education.

Being so close to the nation’s capital, a high percentage of Virginia’s workforce is based in the Washington/Arlington/Alexandria metro area. Good news for interns earning degrees in government studies or political science at schools in the Old Dominion.

Virginia has the highest percentage of technology workers in the country and is ranked 5th in total high-technology employment and is even nicknamed the Cyberstate. In 2008, tourism, one of Virginia’s largest industries, generated $19.2 billion in revenue. Jobs increase as the state supports many corporate headquarters such as Capital One Financial Corp., Mars Inc., Smithfield Foods, Inc. and Altria Group, Inc.

Directory to Top Rising Industries in Virginia

  • Service-providing industries are projected to grow by 34 percent.
  • Computer systems design and related services is expected to increase by 45 percent.
  • Health care practitioners and technical occupations are expected to increase by 21 percent.Urban mingles with colonial in cities such as Richmond, Fairfax and Williamsburg.

The lush countryside and Appalachian Trail avail to the outdoorsy type, while Virginia Beach waits for summertime fun and nightlife. Make time for relaxing, recreation and education in Virginia.