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Ohio provides schools and studies available to adults looking to earn degrees or find a path to better paying jobs.

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Ohio was established following the War of Independence. It was carved out of the Northwest Territory and offered a rich land to settlers. Ohio remained in the Union during the Civil War and subsequently prospered through manufacturing in the north and farming in the south. Manufacturing is a driving industry in Ohio along with agriculture and food processing, bioscience, distribution and logistics and polymers.

Cleveland has the highest paying job market. It has many peripheral industrial areas and as a major metropolitan area, provides abundant opportunities in finance and communications. In spite of the recession, jobs in Cleveland have fared better than in the rest of the country. Akron, formerly the world’s rubber capital is now a promising source of high paying jobs. The highest paying sectors are the following:

1. Polymers: Ohio builds upon its history of research and manufacturing of rubber.
2. Health care: Cleveland is a well-known health care center and in the forefront of medicine.
3. Manufacturing: Ohio was a stellar performer in World War II and is still going.

Ohio’s Adult Workforce Education and Training Network can help you get a worthwhile education regardless of your age, level of education or current employment status. There are 200 centers around the state offering their services. The website offers comprehensive information and a directory of centers. Ohio State University and other schools in the state provide programs to help adults work toward degrees through integration into special programs of studies.