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Education is receiving top priority as the state of New York promotes schools offering focused studies and degrees for adults seeking new opportunities and a better life.

New York makes strides in promoting higher education for adults

Manhattan Island was purchased from native inhabitants in 1625. Renamed New York instead of New Amsterdam after England’s acquisition, it had its baptism by fire in the Revolutionary War and has become the nerve center of the nation. The 9/11 terrorist attacks made New York a rallying point for anti-terrorism. New York’s driving industries make their presence felt throughout the world and include: Finance, Printing and publishing, Clothing manufacture, Entertainment and Media.

The highest paying job markets are in and around New York City. The driving industries make their mark paying huge salaries to executives and media personalities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports unemployment in New York City at 9 percent compared to 8.2 percent for the state and 9.6 percent nationally. Furthering your education can give you the tools to compete in this market. While not a driving industry, the health care sector is one of the highest paying along with the financial and entertainment sectors. The public sector rounds out the group although budget constraints inhibit hiring at the moment.

New York, through its comprehensive array of colleges, is working on special programs leading to degrees whether you plan on finishing up a career, starting out fresh, retraining or working on advanced studies. For veterans, the state offers special benefits for those wishing to reenter the civilian labor force. New York’s schools and colleges can provide the necessary skills for all.