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From the vast Great Plains to the hill country, Nebraska offers a landscape rich in pioneer history and local flair. Countryside culture is quilted with a passion for exploration here, and Nebraska boasts amazing outdoor experiences, from bird-watching, driving the scenic byways, hiking, hunting, golfing, camping, and everything in-between. Opportunity for everyone abounds here, and that value is well-encapsulated by the state’s motto, “equality before the law.”

Nebraska is home to an industry-favorable climate and agriculture (think cattle, corn, hogs, soybeans, wheat, and sorghum) is one of the primary revenue-providers. Other driving industries include food processing, machinery, electric equipment, and printing and publishing.

For job-seekers, the larger cities of Omaha and Lincoln offer the highest mean annual salaries in the state for overall occupations with $40,000 and $37,730, respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data. The following sectors have the highest salaries according to the BLS:

  • Management occupations, $87,350
  • Legal occupations, $73,760
  • Computer and mathematical science occupations, $65,630
  • Architecture and engineering occupations, $61,070

Nebraska, named for the Oto Indian word “flat water,” has a wealth of adventures to share–from academic degrees and schools, to the local treasures that are beyond the indigenous ranch and harvesting plains. You’re bound to blaze your own trail. Follow in the footsteps of pioneers, legendary explorers, and the Plains Indians, and enrich your future at a Nebraska school today!