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To better the lives of its citizens, North Carolina takes the lead in adult education providing excellent schools, studies and college degrees.

North Carolina strives to improve educational opportunities for its adult citizens

North Carolina entered the union as the 12th state and left in 1861 to join the Confederacy. It was readmitted in 1868. It has suffered from wars and hurricanes but always comes back h3. North Carolina’s driving industries have moved from tobacco, textiles and furniture to finance, pharmaceuticals and information technology.

Raleigh Durham, Charlotte and Winston Salem have job markets with the highest-paid professional salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows mean annual salaries for management of $101,170 compared to the national average of $102,900. The website shows Charlotte and Raleigh among the top 20 cities most attractive to young professionals.

When it comes to education for adults, North Carolina’s community college system is comprehensive and can help you find studies at schools featuring programs designed to forge a solid future. The system provides pathways to degrees and careers that can get you into the high paying echelons or up the ladder of success and a better paying job. If you need to start from scratch, retrain in outdated skills, finish up a degree path or enter a new career field, you can find a wide range of options. Find out more about North Carolina schools by referencing a comprehensive directory.