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Considering pursuing an education in Mississippi? A rich combination of history, natural beauty and professional opportunities make this a great state in which to live and study.

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Simply put, Mississippi is the heart of the south. Rich in beauty with a temperate climate, Mississippi’s gently rolling terrain and low, fertile delta extend to the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico, boasting miles of white, sandy beaches. Bordered by Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee, Mississippi is close to other diverse southeastern metropolitan areas. Mississippi’s major cities include Jackson (state capital), Meridian, Gulfport, Tupelo, and Hattiesburg.

Mississippi provides an industry-favorable climate, with agricultural products), oil, textiles, electronic equipment, and fishing representing the busiest industries. In addition, the Mississippi River boasts one of the most well-known continental U.S. waterways, spanning centuries of trade and transportation.

For job-seekers, the greater metropolitan region of Memphis, TN-Mississippi-Arkansas, Pascagoula, and Jackson offer the highest mean annual salaries in the state for overall occupations with $39,380, $38,270, and $36,600, respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May, 2009 data.

When occupations statewide are divided into sectors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the following occupy the top slots for mean annual salaries:

  • Management occupations, $75,810
  • Legal occupations, $64,290
  • Architecture and engineering occupations, $60,210
  • Heath care practitioner and technical occupations, $57,920
  • Computer and math science occupations, $54,720

Mississippi offers academic and career opportunity, blended with good-for-the-soul music, food, and historical perspective. With a wealth of highly recognized schools to advance your degree, Mississippi offers premier education choices. In addition to education, ear candy is ingrained in Mississippi culture, particularly because legendary music genres originated in Mississippi, from the birth of the blues (Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King), to rock ‘n roll (Elvis Presley), and country music (Jimmie Rodgers). Whet your appetite with classic Southern cuisine, from hush puppies and fried catfish to cornbread, crawfish and sweet potatoes. Mississippi is also rich in heritage, including museums, historical homes and Civil War landmarks.

Mississippi’s beauty and opportunity extend from the classroom to your career, and all of the exciting endeavors in between. The Mississippi school directory is designed to get your future started!