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What the “Show Me” State can Show You by Furthering Your Education and Career!

It’s no wonder that Missouri’s nickname is the “Show Me” State. From rich outdoor culture woven with a passion for exploration, to big city amenities of cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, it’s evident that Missouri has a lot to show. Missouri is an amalgamation of great urban escapes, sophisticated city life, both steeped in tradition, and shaped by agriculture, industry, and history. Simply put, quality of life, studies and career opportunities await in Missouri with the when you make the right educational choices for you.

Primary industries in Missouri include transportation equipment (automobiles and aircraft), food processing, chemical products, electric equipment, agriculture and fabricated metal products.

Top jobs in Missouri

For job-seekers, the greater metropolitan regions of Kansas City and St. Louis offer the highest mean annual salaries in the state for overall occupations with $43,240 and $42,900, respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data. Management occupations led in highest annual average salaries at $93,340, followed by legal occupations at $81,950. Architecture and engineering occupations as well as jobs in the computer and mathematical science fields also reported respectable salaries according to the BLS.

While the BLS noted that the Missouri unemployment rate was 9.5% in December 2010, additional schooling can help give you the upper hand when seeking employment. Start furthering your career and increasing your education today by reviewing the schools directory for the diplomas and degrees awaiting you in Missouri.