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Earn Your Degree in Legal Studies

Are you fascinated by the relationship between law and society? Would you like to better understand the many complexities that make up our legal system, and discover how they affect both individuals and civilization at large? If so, you may want to consider making legal studies the focus of your education. Legal studies and criminal justice majors investigate all aspects of the law, from philosophical quandaries to the inner workings of law enforcement agencies.

An Education in Legal Studies

Criminal justice schools and legal studies programs typically provide a well-rounded curriculum that includes both classroom instruction as well as opportunities for hands-on learning (sometimes via internship). Students pursuing degrees in this field should consult their university’s course directory for more specific information, but all can expect to learn the law inside and out, analyze real court cases, and interpret statistics. Possible classes within this major include: criminology, statistics, law, psychology, justice, legal research and writing, constitutional law as well as philosophy of law.

Legal and Law Enforcement Careers

Career opportunities for students of the legal discipline are far-reaching. Some jobs, such as those of police and correctional officers, require little formal post-secondary education, while others, like those of paralegals, demand a job-specific associate’s degree or certificate. Whatever legal career you wish to pursue, studying the legal and criminal justice system can give you an excellent base of knowledge to draw upon in your professional life, as well as the certification that employers look for.






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