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Kentucky Schools: furthering your career in the Bluegrass State

With 24 parks, almost 50 lakes and 1200+ mountain peaks, Kentucky has long been known for verdant vistas. But recent energy production innovations are furthering Kentucky’s reputation as a green state. The Workforce Kentucky website reports Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has announced a 2025 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate 40,000 jobs through his comprehensive energy plan.

Reasons to get an education in Kentucky

Any directory will reveal that Kentucky offers a range of worthwhile educational opportunities. Nine state-supported and numerous independent schools exist across Kentucky. These include research universities, community and technical colleges, and schools with religious mission statements. Kentucky is only one of five states to land a $150,00 Lumina Foundation for Education grant. These monies will help line-up college studies with workplace readiness, assuring students that their degrees have tangible, practical applications.

Working in Kentucky

Degrees in Kentucky will be well-rewarded. According to the Kentucky Occupational Outlook, workers will find more than 63,000 job openings annually from 2008-2018. The two largest occupational groups, sales and administration, will enjoy 25 percent of these. Only of the 22 major occupational groups are projected to experience a decline, and three are expected to experience actual growth rather than replacements: Computer and Mathematical, Health care Practitioners and Technical, Health care Support

On average, degrees boost annual salaries in Kentucky by $20,000 a year. Health care presents the best prospects, with physicians, pharmacists, and physical therapists among the top five wage-earners. Several education occupations offer top-pay. Cincinnati-Middletown, Evansville, and Louisville provide some of Kentucky’s best incomes per capita. By all reports, Kentucky offers residents meaningful work and a comfortable wage.