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Fashion degrees help students learn how to promote different products and brands, as well as how to organize marketing campaigns, in order to spur interest from consumer and wholesale purchasers. Many students pursuing degrees in fashion studies also choose to become fashion designers–although competition for jobs in this segment of the fashion industry are extremely competitive.

Educational programs at fashion schools

Fashion degrees typically include a great deal of study in business and marketing, especially for students wishing to run retail stores or gain employment with apparel wholesalers or manufacturers. Other coursework for fashion marketers includes principles of apparel and textile design, sales and distribution systems, profitability, and market and consumer research. Depending on the reach of the brand, students may also consider international business and marketing programs. Fashion designers, on the other hand, spend a great deal of time studying advanced design, pattern making and tailoring, as well as computer-aided design principles. There are more than 300 accredited fashion and art schools in the U.S.

Fashion careers and earnings potential

Wages for fashion designers varies greatly by position. Fashion designers held 15,780 positions in 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and median annual salaries were $64,260, nationally. However, the top 10 percent earned $130,900, and the most noted names in design earned far more than that. More than half of fashion designers and fashion marketers work for apparel and merchandise wholesalers, with roughly three-quarters of all employees in the field working in the greater Los Angeles or New York City metropolitan areas.






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