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Speak and design unique: take a step above and make your design career paramount with a degree in design.

Free Your Mind: What’s Life Like in Design?

Talented and inspired designers can’t stand clichs. Do you feel this way? Design itself means to overcome the status quo and make art, message, and meaning unique. Designers also consider aesthetic, function, economic, and socio-political dimensions of design. While there are many different approaches to design, the imaginative and trained designer is ready to expand ideas and communicate through craft. Are you ready to take your design to the next level?

Art & Design Schools: So Much More than Basic

Curriculum at a design school is premised on inspiration, blended with technical knowledge and computer-assisted skill development. Core studies address a broad range of design studies, including: color and spatial design, computer-aided design technology and design development, hands-on design experience, art history and philosophy as well as construction components.

Because careers and specialized training vary, additional educational development and upper-level coursework depend largely on your preferred area of study.

Art & Design Careers: Virtually Anything is Possible

With a career in design, your own creativity and willingness to pursue your dream of design are the only limits. Many design students follow their passions in the following careers: art, graphic design, industrial and commercial design, interior design, floral design as well as fashion design.

Many design experts (think an average of 60 percent) opt to be self-employed. Job prospects for others, however, are expected to be favorable, but be prepared for a very competitive environment, as there are many talented and artistic individuals in and entering design occupations.

Destroy the clichs and make your inspiration part of society.






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