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Degrees in Delaware

Measuring just under 2,500 square miles, Delaware is the second smallest state in the nation, after Rhode Island. But what this mid-Atlantic state lacks in stature, it more than makes up for in history, natural beauty, and an impressively diverse economy. Delaware shares borders with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Delaware River and Delaware Bay. Inhabited for years by the Eastern Algonquian tribes, Delaware was colonized by Europeans in the 1600s and later joined twelve other nascent colonies in the American Revolution against British rule.

Degrees and Careers in Delaware

Students considering pursuing postsecondary degrees in Delaware may be interested to know that this state boasts one of the most diverse economies around. Home to a large number of scientists and engineers, Delaware’s other major industries include: Education, Finance, Chemical and pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare, Government, Agriculture.

The cities of Greenville and Henlopen Acres rank among the wealthiest in the state.

Delaware has made higher education a priority, and students looking to continue their studies in the mid-Atlantic region enjoy a good number–and variety–of schools to choose from, ranging from nationally renowned private universities to larger public campuses. These rich educational resources, coupled with Delaware’s extensive festivals, beaches, and outdoor activities, make Delaware an excellent place to earn a degree. And with an economy that rewards so many varied specialties, Delaware is likewise a fine state in which to pursue a career. Visit your favorite search engine to locate a directory of Delaware’s many schools.