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Washington, DC: A Directory of Education and Studies at Your Fingertips

With a city full of history and culture, Washington, D.C. may be the right place for you to pursue your education and enjoy leisurely studies of the National Archives and the National World War II Memorial. Take a tour of the National Mall and famous addresses around Washington, D.C.

Since Nov. 2009, Washington, D.C.’s workforce force has shown a 6 percent increase of employment in the government sector. Earning one of many Business Management and Administration degrees from Washington, D.C. schools can be a great way to pursue your career in the country’s capital. Beside the governmental sector, D.C. offers students a directory to studies and education in any subject. Students are seeking post-secondary education in Washington, D.C. and other surrounding metropolitan areas for these top reasons:

  • Rise in the demand for health care and high technology degrees
  • Government requires highly skilled office workers with an education
  • Government creates an array of legal and business services
  • Turnover is high for service industry workers

The nation’s capital has it covered when it comes to public transportation With a population of more than 600,000 people, Metro rail and Metro bus are the most convenient ways to get around D.C. The D.C. Circulator is a recent transportation option costing only a dollar and travels along three specific routes with access points to schools throughout the capital–certainly an ideal situation for students.