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Connecticut offers a winning combination of beauty and industry.

Earn Your Degree in the Great State of Connecticut

The area now known as Connecticut was one of the first settlements in burgeoning America, as well as one of the original thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule; and with its temperate climate and abundant natural resources, it’s easy to see why so many people since those times have chosen to call Connecticut home. Connecticut is the country’s fourth most populous state, and shares borders with New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Long Island Sound. It boasts the highest per capita income and median household income in the nation.

Early Connecticut’s developing economy was helped along greatly by the land’s raw materials, which spawned an impressive manufacturing industry. The state’s financial system has diversified considerably since the early days, and major industries now include: Agriculture and aquaculture (such as nursery stock, eggs, dairy, shellfish, and cattle), Transportation (especially aircrafts), Chemical and pharmaceutical production, Scientific instrument, production, Tourism, Hedge funds.

Stamford and Fairfield offer some of the state’s–as well as the country’s–highest paying job markets.

Connecticut Schools

Students who choose to continue their studies at one of Connecticut’s institutions of higher education will likely be pleased by the variety of excellent choices: this small state offers a wealth of post-secondary schools.

Considering its proximity to New York City, relatively mild climate, ample scenic parklands (including part of the Appalachian Trail), and h3 tradition of industry, Connecticut is a fantastic choice for those seeking degrees in the New England area.