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Do you love writing code? Take the next step to becoming a professional computer programmer today.

Computer Programming – Do You Speak the Language?

Are you fascinated by how a computer program works? Have you written code for a program on your computer? If you answered “yes”, it’s time to think about a career as a computer programmer. Computer programmers convert design software into a series of instructions that the computer can recognize and carryout. With technological advancements, there are a number of codes available. Computer programming also involves updating, repairing, modifying and expanding existing programs to keep up with technology and demand.

Computers & Technology Course Directory: Conceptualize the Technical

Education at a Computers & Technology school is premised on fundamental knowledge, blended with progressive technological advances. The grasp of technical concepts is crucial. Core studies include: mathematics, computer and information science, engineering, physical sciences as well as web design.

Extensive hands-on computer lab work

The learning doesn’t stop once you graduate. Studies indicate that top-notch programmers also need to be on the up-and-up of cutting edge technology to remain competitive.

Computers & Technology Careers: Get Paid for Your Talent

Envision yourself in a wide range of industries with a Computers & Technology degree. Nationwide, over 35 percent of computer programmers were employed in the computer systems design and related services field. Other fields populated by computer programmers include: software publishers, management of companies and enterprises, employment services as well as colleges, universities and professional schools.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national mean annual salary for computer programmers was $74,690. Top-paid programmers earned over $113,380.






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