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Media and communication majors enjoy a host of exciting career opportunities.

Degrees in Communications and Media

What is the cornerstone of civilization? Law, education, charity? These all make fine candidates, but there remains an even more fundamental necessity: communication. Without it, chaos quite literally ensues. If you see yourself as a strong communicator and would like to make a career out of your talents–by bringing the news to people, acting as a public relations representative, or writing and editing materials that help keep the public informed–then consider making media and communications the focus of your college education.

Earn Your Media and Communications Degree

Individuals who attend schools for media and communication studies can look forward to indulging their natural curiosity about the world as they examine different forms of media, compare and critique different news sources, learn the limitations of mass media, and ponder the cultural impact of new media technology. Specific coursework may include: mass media research, global perspectives in media, media law and ethics, principles of public relations as well as speech writing.

Great Careers in Media and Mass Communication

Employers within the media and communication field value experience as much as they do formal education, so students can count on supplementing their classroom hours with an internship and/or portfolio. Consult your prospective school’s directory for more detailed information.

Media and communicatiosn degrees usually take four years to complete. Career options include those of writers, editors, public relations specialists, news analysts/reporters/correspondents, and program directors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that competition for many of these jobs should remain high, as this work promises a degree of both excitement and prestige. Prepare yourself to succeed by earning a degree in media and communication.






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