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Come to Colorado to experience a state whose economy is as diverse as its geography.

Colorado: Study in the Raw American West

Settled by Native Americans for over 13 millennia, well before being discovered by Spanish explorers and later made a US state, Colorado is a place that embraces its rugged history and geography as much as its culture and industry. Colorado’s nature alone makes it a state of unmatched grandeur and beauty. From its mighty rivers to its inspiring Rocky Mountain peaks, Colorado offers perhaps the last true incarnation of the American West, not to mention a thoroughly diverse setting for students pursuing higher education.

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Industry in Colorado was originally rooted in mining, expanding in the late 1800s to include farming and ranching. Today, Colorado’s agricultural output still contributes significantly to the state’s economy and even boasts the largest annual production of beer in the entire nation. Other industries of note to students pursuing degrees in Colorado include:
Scientific research and high technology, Transportation.

The federal government (specifically, the US Geological Survey, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NORAD, and several Air Force bases)

Great schools are located all over the state, but students looking to pursue their studies in regions that also offer h3 job markets may wish to concentrate their college search on cities such as Colorado Springs, Boulder and Denver.

Colorado makes a fantastic choice for students who love the outdoors and seek a variety of nature-based activities (such as skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, to name just a few) as well as world-class food and wine, culture and industry.