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California: Leader in Education and Practical Studies for Adults

California began as a Spanish/Mexican territory. It was ceded by Mexico in 1848. It attained statehood in 1850 following the 1849 gold rush. Its seacoast is a gateway to the Pacific and the world. California is well-known for motion pictures, agriculture, tourism, and oil exploration. Silicon Valley represents the world’s main source of technological innovation. Tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and ever-expanding technology can be considered California’s driving industries.

California’s highest-paying cities are in and around San Francisco including Silicon Valley, and boast many major universities. Los Angeles and San Diego have good schools where you can find opportunities to further your studies given a high concentration of community colleges. Among the highest-paying sectors in California, the public sector is tops although the current budget shortfall has curtailed hiring. The health care sector pays well: $82,880 versus $69,690 nationally for professionals and $30,050 versus $26,710 nationally for support careers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

California provides superior education regardless of age. Its schools cover a wide spectrum of career paths.

Private Universities cost the most and award degrees for nearly every imaginable career.

Public Universities are run by the state. Tuition, while not cheap, is less. A wide range of degrees is also awarded. If you’re from out-of-state, you can often pay more for your education.

Community colleges provide specialized training and two-year degrees. When seeking to improve skills or return to school, they cost less and have a higher acceptance rate than private and public universities.