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Arizona’s education system promotes life-enhancing opportunities through its schools at all levels of attainment. Degrees and careers are available to the motivated.

Arizona: A Mecca for Adult Education and Extended Job Opporutunities

Originally part of New Mexico and siding with the South in the US Civil War, Arizona’s state boundaries were subsequently defined and it entered the Union as the 48th state. Arizona has developed into a powerful political entity and center of commerce. Thanks to the Grand Canyon, spectacular desert terrain, an attractive tax structure, and abundant mineral wealth, Arizona’s driving industries are tourism, manufacturing, and mining.

Phoenix and Tucson are well-developed metropolitan areas and provide the highest-paying jobs. Doctors and top executives lead the way while professionals of all disciplines do well. The best-paying sectors are semiconductor and aerospace followed by tourism, real estate, and public service. Health care is also becoming a high-paying sector due to many retirees relocating to Arizona.

Arizona’s universities are world-class schools. You’ll find degrees for every imaginable career. If you’re an adult wishing to retrain, enter a better-paying field, or get a degree cut short by family duties or military service, Arizona’s universities and community colleges can offer you studies leading to better income, degrees, and a better life. An online directory of colleges reveals dozens of schools with made-to-order studies and degrees.

All require specialized training and are within the reach if you’re seeking career enhancement regardless of age or prior education.