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Arkansas makes advanced learning a reality for its students through excellence in higher education.

Arkansas: Source of Career-Expanding Studies and Schools for Continuing Education

Arkansas–born out of the Louisiana Purchase–joined the Union in 1836, was tempered in the Civil war (Confederacy), and represents an educational, economic, and historical treasure. Its historic riches and productive economy can provide you with pleasant surroundings and a good place to live and work. Arkansas’ driving industries are food, lumber, cotton, rice, and soybeans–all essential products.

Little Rock and Fayettville represent the highest-paying job markets. Little Rack boasts a large population of professionals from skilled medical personnel, to top executives, to highly-paid IT experts. Fayettvile benefits from upper-level academics and researchers. Teachers and engineers do very well. The BLS reports the state unemployment rate at 7.9%, below the 9.4% national rate. You’ll find medicine, technology, teaching, and government to be high-paying sectors.

Little Rock enjoys one of the lowest costs of living among America’s major cities. At one of the state’s public/private universities or community colleges, you can live reasonably well as you pursue your studies. Arkansas’ higher education system is well-ranked nationally. Whether working toward a better job, entering a new field, or pursuing one of many degrees, the following careers merit consideration:

Science and technology: The computer age is here. Computer skills are in demand.

Medicine: People live longer and you’ll find available employment at almost any level in the healthcare field.

Education: Now a top priority, both nationally and locally, careers in teaching pay well, and Arkansas’ schools have openings for people with degrees and/or acquired teaching skills.