Introduction to Fashion Studies:

Students who enroll in fashion studies programs typically desire to design clothing or apparel. Many use the skills learned in their studies to become fashion marketers, representing clothing and apparel brands to corporate buyers and wholesalers. Fashion studies provides in-depth training in garment construction techniques such as sewing, pattern making, draping and digital design. Students graduate from fashion programs with a well-rounded set of industry-specific skills and an extensive portfolio of quality clothing designs.

Fashion degree programs

Fashion studies predominately culminate in a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, but some students choose to enroll in associate degree or certificate programs as well. At many four-year fashion schools, the curriculum is separated into four parts, and students undertake increasingly complex subjects as they progress from college freshman to seniors. Coursework includes study in business, fashion history, marketing, design, merchandising, fabrication techniques, and trend and market analysis. Some programs even offer internships with well-known national brands and smaller clothiers or boutique stores. Students who graduate from fashion programs are often prepared to create their own designs, or market the designs of others if they have chosen the business side of the discipline.

Fashion studies careers

Graduates from fashion programs typically find work as fashion, accessory or costume designers, in the marketing or merchandising departments of brand-name retailers, as interior designers, and even as museum curators. The vast majority of fashion design jobs are based in the fashion trend-setting cities of Los Angeles or New York city.






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