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Introduction to Studies in Computers & Technology:

Computer programmers are trained to speak the languages that computers understand, and use them to program software or operating systems. They also perform tests, debug systems or software, modify existing programs, or customize computer systems for companies. Following your studies in computer programming, you could work for software publishing companies, computer or electronics manufacturers, or as a company’s in-house computer specialist, developing programs or systems that help streamline their business.

Why Should I Complete Studies in Computers & Technology?

While every employer is different, the standard education requirement for computer programmers is a bachelor’s degree, although some may be hired with associate degrees or vocational certificates. Because of the rapidly changing nature of computers and software, it is essential to receive proper training, either through computer programming schools or related professional experience, in order to work in this field. It’s not always necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, however; a degree in computer science, math, or information systems, for example, along with special courses in computer programming may be sufficient. Your courses may include business communications, networking essentials, programming fundamentals, visual basic and web programming, database design, and languages such as C++ or Java.

Because computer programming is becoming increasingly easier for the average user to do, and because of increased outsourcing by computer manufacturers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of computer programmers will decline by 3 percent in the 2008-2018 period. However, programmers will still be needed to work directly with businesses as their needs evolve, and that often requires face-to-face contact. Programmers earned a $74,690 median annual income in May 2009.






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