Communications & Media

Introduction to Communications & Media Studies

Studies in media and communications examine how media influences our culture and behavior, and how to convey messages effectively through the media. Schools that offer media and communications courses give students the opportunity to examine and analyze many forms of media, in order to understand it and work with it upon graduation. This broad field could lead to any number of careers, from journalism or advertising to public relations, writing and editing, or television and film production.

What Can I Gain Through Studies in Communications & Media?

Your media and communications studies will include both theoretical and practical coursework, and will range from mass media and society and media criticism to media law and ethics, communication and mass media research, and global perspectives in media. You won’t always been in a classroom; your education is likely to also include sitting yourself in front of numerous forms of media to analyze their content, interning at a campus radio or TV station, or monitoring and creating Internet content. This major generally leads to a bachelor’s degree, although it is possible to earn positions in media with less–an associate’s degree, certificate, or work experience.

The careers that studies in media and communication can lead to are too numerous to list. Some typical careers in the field include radio and television announcers, whose employment is projected to slightly decrease over the 2008-2018 period and who earned a median annual wage in May 2009 of $27,520; public relations specialists, whose jobs will grow by a rapid 24 percent and earned $51,960; and advertising and promotions managers, whose job growth should remain flat and who earned $82,370.






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