Introduction to Information Technology Studies:

If you’re planning to major in information technology studies, you’ll be prepared for a career with growth potential. For example, the Department of Labor says that network systems and data communications analysts are projected to be the second-fastest-growing career group among all professions, 2008-2018, with openings rising by 53 percent.

Overall, computer and mathematical science fields are expected to grow twice as fast as all other career groups, adding almost 785,700 new jobs, 2008-2018. Tech school grads with diplomas, degrees, or certifications in information technology and telecommunications may find jobs within the entire range of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit corporations.

Information Technology Studies Schools and Degree Programs

If you’re seeking a technology education, you’ll find two- and four-year undergraduate degree programs as well as master’s and doctoral degrees for those who wish to rise to the top of their technical field in management roles. Computer support personnel and customer service reps may qualify for work with as little as an associate degree.

Earning ongoing IT-certifications in software and hardware systems can also prepare you for advancement.

Information Technology Careers: Outlook and Wages

Here are some selected high technology careers, their projected job growth, and 2009 earnings:

The IT field offers promise to students who complete their technology studies programs.