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General Career Information: Technical Jobs

Technical studies can lead to careers from accounting to zoo keeping. Take a look at your options!

Careers in Technical Fields

Technical schools prepare you for the practical occupations–jobs like motorcycle repairman or chef, security guard, or computer programmer. They’ll give you education in the practical roles within wider disciplines–like childcare within child psychology, or bookkeeping within business administration.

So if you’re interested in working in a field such as office support or medical transcription, consider applying to a technical school. They offer many levels of accreditation, from diplomas to bachelor’s degrees.

Employment Prospects

Because technical studies cover such a range of subjects, it’s difficult to generalize about the demand for graduates. However, since tech studies focus on career preparation, you can expect your career prospects to be good with a tech degree. After all, tech school administrators consider the outlook for the occupations when they design the curricula.

Employers are confident that you’re prepared for a specific job if you have a technical education.

The Best Fields

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics), the employment outlook is excellent many tech careers such sa small engine repairmen, shipping officers, animal care workers, and tool and die makers. Government agricultural inspectors, freight agents, and desk clerks should also be in demand. These are the types of occupations that a technical education can prepare you for.

Health Professions

For example, many tech schools offer programs that would prepare you for a health-related career such as occupational therapist assistant or nurse’s aide. According to the BLS, the job prospects in these fields vary from good to great. They’re better than average for message therapists, very good for OT aides and excellent for dental assistants.

The BLS expects that by 2018, demand for home care aids will increase by 50 percent from 2008 levels–and the demand for dental hygienists by about a third. One factor is the ageing American population; another is the development of new technologies.


Prospects in the transportation industry, as well, look good for future job seekers. Demand for workers in rail transportation, for truck and bus drivers, and for chauffeurs is expected to be good or very good.

In water transportation, the career outlook for pilots, sailors, and ship engineers should be excellent. Employment in this field is expected to grow by 18 percent from 2008 to 2018.

Technological developments are also a factor here. For example, remote control technology is revolutionizing rail transportation. Employers need workers who have the skills for the new tech.

Stiff Competition Expected in Some Fields

However, education in some other tech disciplines is expected to be less marketable. Graduates with tech degrees in the fields of electrical engineering and aerospace engineering will be faced with stiff competition for jobs, as will mechanical engineering technicians.

Likewise, newly-certified fashion designers can expect stiff competition for jobs; many people are attracted to the glamour of the field.

Complex Outlooks

Some occupations, such as paralegal work, offer a conundrum. Employment in this field is expected to grow very quickly. However, since it’s a popular field, new paralegals cannot expect a glut of job offers.

There are tech degrees that have multiple applications, and employment opportunities may vary from on to another. Graphic designers prepared for work in web design, for example, will have an advantage over those in print publishing.

Choosing a Technical Program

Remember that the first step in choosing a tech course is to identify your interests and skills. Consider these, and then find the tech school that’s right for you!

Steve Greechie

Steve Greechie (MBA, MSLIS, MA) is a freelance business writer in New York City. He’s published extensively in a range of publications, including The Boston Business Journal, Information Outlook, Online, Architectural Record and The Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship. He contributed to The Core Business Web, which The American Library Association named The Best Business Reference Book of 2003. His internet copy appears widely.






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