Technical Careers – Future Outlook

Future Outlook of Careers in Technical Studies

Before choosing a technical studies program, check out the career potential. Job opportunties in technical fields vary widely, so you’ll be glad you did.

Future Outlook of Technical Careers

Technical studies are a wide and diverse field. Naturally, career opportunities vary from one field to another.

But a technical education is designed to prepare you for a career. The administrators of technical schools consider the projected need for various occupations when they design the curriculum. Whether you’re studying nursing, electrical engineering, or veterinary science, there should be an application for your skills in the world of work.

Health Professionals

One growing field for technical studies graduates is health care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for cardiovascular technologists and technicians are expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations.

Graduates in this field are generally employed in hospitals. They are expected to have a two-year degree, as well as professional certification. Some cardiovascular technicians work in a specialized field, such as invasive cardiology or echocardiography.

The job market for occupational health and safety technicians is also expected to be favorable for the new tech studies grad. You’ll need an associate’s degree or a certificate for this position, as well as accreditation from The Council on Certification of Health, Environmental, and Safety Technologists. Individuals in this field might be qualified for a position with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other employers.

Clinical Laboratory Technology

Tech grads with a qualification in clinical laboratory technology studies should find great demand for their skills. There are more than 300,000 clinical lab techs in the country, but the industry expects rapid growth. In fact, by 2018, demand is expected to grow by 14 percent from the 2008 level. You can qualify for one of these jobs with an associate’s degree, some on-the job training, and certification. Technology is advancing all the time, and hospitals want grads with current skills.

Veterinary Science

If you love animals and you’re good at science, consider an education in veterinary technology. These technicians work in veterinary services, kennels and zoos.

There are approximately 160 two-year tech programs in veterinary technology. The technology is changing, and demand is expected to outstrip supply for technicians.

Most veterinary technicians find positions in private practice. To work in a research facility, you’ll need certification from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. Your education should include course work and work experience in the field.

You may be surprised to learn that jobs in this field generally remain stable–even during a recession. As with all occupations, there are drawbacks. The rate of occupational accidents and illnesses in this discipline is significantly higher than average. If this is the right field for you, you won’t let that stop you.

Poorer Prospects

Of course, not all technical fields offer such lucrative employment prospects. Jobs for respiratory therapy technicians aren’t expected to be particularly plentiful, nor are jobs for nuclear medicine technologists. Employment for emergency medical technicians and paramedics is only expected to grow at an average rate.

Job-seekers in air transportation can expect strong competition for positions like air traffic controller, airline pilot, and flight engineer.

So if you have the interest and the innate skills, consider the various careers that a technical education can lead to. Choose carefully and you’ll find a rewarding profession that’s right for you.

Steve Greechie

Steve Greechie (MBA, MSLIS, MA) is a freelance business writer in New York City. He’s published extensively in a range of publications, including The Boston Business Journal, Information Outlook, Online, Architectural Record and The Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship. He contributed to The Core Business Web, which The American Library Association named The Best Business Reference Book of 2003. His internet copy appears widely.






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