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General Career Information: Nursing Jobs

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and according to the US Bureau of Labor this growth is likely to continue for at least the next ten years. Job opportunities are therefore likely to increase generally throughout the health service, although this depends to some extent on the differing areas of healthcare.

The traditional health professionals – physicians, surgeons, nurses, dentists, ophthalmologists, etc continue to be in demand. They have long education and training lead times, with bachelor or master degrees usually being the entry level to the career, and often a period of internship needed. Registration in the profession is also usually required, and the salaries awarded these professionals usually reflect this long training period.

The health industry also employs many assistants to the health professionals, who are responsible for many of the more mundane and routine procedures that were previously carried out by physicians and other professionals. These assistants are able to make the professionals more efficient, and able to see more patients. They also often have specialist expertise in particular areas, and treat patients in specific situations. Associate and bachelor degrees are usually required for these professions, with registration often being optional.

There is a whole new generation of medical technicians, reflecting the increased use of technology in medical treatments. Technicians help with special diagnosis procedures such as ultrasound and MRI, and are qualified in instrumentation, physics and other relevant subjects to degree level.

Medical and nursing jobs will continue to increase for many years to come, as the population is aging and new technologies give us the chance of better health.






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