Why study Communications & Media?

What does it mean to study Media & Communication?

When you watch the nightly news, do you want to be that reporter? Or do you yearn to be the voice you hear on the radio? Or would you love to work behind the scenes in radio or television? If so, you’re headed for a career in media and communication.

What kind of person succeeds in Media and Communication?

You’ll need excellent speaking and writing skills to succeed in the filed of media and communication. You’ll work both on air and off, and you’ll need to be the kind of person who can do a half dozen things at once. You won’t flinch at the non-stop pace and the tight schedules. And you’ll have to be organized, too.

How to train for a career in Media and Communication

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in media studies to be competitive in the media and communication field. A good course of study will include studio training at a university station. Alternatively, you can study for an associate’s degree and take any media job to get your foot in the door. Do look for an internship at a local television or radio station to beef up your credentials.

What’s the job outlook for Media and Communication?

The competition for on-air jobs is keen. When you’re starting out, especially, the pay is apt to be low. There’s little job security in media, since stations can change hands, and programming goes in and out of fashion. Building up a stellar resume as you accumulate job experience is the best way to advance. If you’re persistent in the face of rejection, and you really have a passion for media, you’ll find your niche.

What’s it like to have a Media and Communications career?

Rent that copy of “Broadcast News.” It’s still the best window into the world of media journalism. The pressure never goes away in the fast-paced media world. But media types thrive on the stress. Do you?

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