Communications & Media Careers – Future Outlook

Future Outlook of Careers in Communications & Media

There was a time when all correspondence was limited to word of mouth and the fastest horse. Then in quick succession, the telephone, motion pictures, radio, television, computers, and the Internet all came within about 100 years of each other. This phenomenal, unprecedented, world-changing growth has given a boost to many different industries including education, science, and manufacturing. But nowhere has the change been more drastic than with the media & communication industry. The sheer proliferation of art, expression, and connectivity was unimaginable a century ago.

Media & communication careers

This field is so expansive, that it doesn’t really matter whether one studies journalism and marketing or one studies programming or networking. There are so many careers in the media and communication industry. Any career tangentially related to helping transfer data and information is considered communication. Any job that deals with different mediums of communication (newspaper, TV, magazines, telephones, movies, etc) is considered media. As you can see, there are very few occupations that do not rely on or deal with at least one of these two aspects. This is great news for you.

Why this is great news?

If you want to pursue a career in media and communication, you can pick a general interest and then design a course of study that melds your interest with the media and communication industry. For example, if you enjoy fine dining, you could study to become a restaurant critic and work for your local newspaper or magazine. Or if you enjoy helping others, you could raise public awareness for whatever causes you champion by making a documentary or by writing an article. Whatever path you choose, just know that there are limitless options. Media and communication is one of the fastest growing industries today. And this growth appears to be exponential, so expect the range of choices to be even more expansive in the years to come.






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