The Communications & Media Career Guide

A guide for your career plans in Media & Communications:

In looking over the past few decades, it is astounding how much media & communication have changed the way the world interacts. Thanks to wireless networks, instant access to information, and the broad dissemination of knowledge, entertainment, and data, the spatial and temporal constraints of the past have ceased to exist. In other words, you can talk with your friend on the opposite side of the world in real time. You can conduct business anywhere and everywhere you go. You can study volumes of data without scouring through a huge library of books. Information is plentiful, free, and quick.

Careers in Communications & Media

Those who are best positioned to take advantage of the technology revolution are those with careers in telecommunications, media, information technology, and related fields. If you choose to pursue a career in any of the above, just know that your studies will carry you farther than you could ever imagine. Technological growth is exponential? Just ten years ago, using the Internet was the sole privilege of college students and a few tech savvy individuals. Now, the Internet is interwoven in just about every career you could think of. Imagine where it will be ten years from now. You don’t have to be a quick study to realize that now is the time to jump on the bandwagon if you want to remain current in the years to come. To ignore the writing on the wall is to become obsolete.

The great beyond

With a degree in one of the above related fields, there are numerous positions, careers, and industries you could enter. Education, science, journalism, entertainment, and computer technology are just a few of the more popular paths. As global connectivity and society’s dependence on computers, television, and cell phones continue to increase, expect the selection of potential career paths to broaden exponentially. A time will come when every job relies directly on media, computer technology, and communication.






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The Communications & Media Career Guide

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