Why Legal Studies?

What does it mean to study Legal Studies?

Legal studies careers center on the practice of law. If you want a job protecting people’s rights, lives, and property, then a legal studies career will be right for you.

What kind of person succeeds in legal studies?

If you’re hooked on CourtTV, you know that most folks in legal studies careers love to argue. You’ll need a great mind for detail and a mastery of the law, whether you’re a legal secretary, law clerk, paralegal, or lawyer. If you’re analytical, persistent, not easily intimidated, and persuasive, a law-related career will fit.

Career prospects for Legal Studies?

Paralegals are in exceptional demand right now, and will be for the foreseeable future. Demand for lawyers is stable and expected to grow. Law clerks and lawyers employed by government agencies make, on the average $40,000. Lawyers who work in business, business attorneys or tax attorneys average $60,000. Lawyers in private practice average $90,000. Three out of four lawyers choose private practice.

Educating yourself for a Legal Studies career

A bachelor’s degree is enough to work as a paralegal. Paralegals or legal assistants do many of they same jobs that lawyers do, except practice law. Lawyers need a 3-year law degree beyond the 4-year bachelor’s. They intern after their second year of law school, and many get their first jobs in the firms for which they interned. Of course, you’ll have to pass the bar exam before you can practice law.

What’s it like to work in Legal Studies?

You’ll work in law offices or libraries or in courtrooms, if you study for a legal career. You’ll do research and gather evidence, whether you’re a paralegal, law clerk, or lawyer. Lawyers appear in courts or before other authorities. Few in the legal field work regular hours or have 40-hour workweeks. Half work 50 hours a week or more. You’ll work under lots of pressure if you’re a trial lawyer.

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