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When it was first written, the Constitution was one of the most radical departures from established law that humans had ever created. Democracy, due process, fairness, and equality were some of the major themes interwoven into this new and unconventional pact between the people and their government. In the many years since, upholding, defending, and interpreting the Constitution has been a continuous and complicated process that has spawned a great many careers in law.

Careers in law

From the judges on the Supreme Court to the corrections offices in the prison systems, there are legal jobs of all shapes and sizes. Most require at least a bachelors degree or some comparable level of study. Others require additional education though. To become an attorney, for example, you’ll need to study in law school for at least three years, and then pass a State bar. For law enforcement, you’ll need to attend police academy. To become a judge, you’ll need to practice as an attorney, clerk with an existing judge and work your way up the career ladder.

The scope of your duties

Your exact duty will depend on what type of legal career you want to pursue. For example, lawyers usually focus on interpreting the law with regards to business transactions, crimes, civil suits, and contracts. Police officers focus on enforcing the law and keeping the peace. Social workers and corrections officers work on rehabilitating people and preparing them for reentry into society. As you can see, the work is extremely varied.

Crime is up. Crime is down

Some years, studies suggest that crime is on the rise. Other years, studies suggest that crime is declining. Either way, expect to work hard. In times of relative peace and tranquility, your job is to make sure that everything remains as it is. When crime starts to rise, your job is to capture and punish guilty individuals. The work never really ends.






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