Why study Information Technology?

What does it mean to study Information Technology?

Technology is a funny word to define. It’s like defining popular culture. Benny Goodman, for example, is regarded as a jazz classic. But in his day, he wasn’t playing “jazz.” He was playing “pop music.” Technology is quite similar. It constantly evolves and morphs. The sundial, wheel, and zipper were all huge leaps in technology in their own day, but most of us regard them as commonplace conveniences. If you plan to study and work in technology, you’ll need to develop a clear understand of what technology actually means.

Information Technology careers of today

In today’s “technologically” driven climate, we tend to think of computer gadgets and time-saving devices whenever we think of technology. But really, technology is any thing, idea, or concept that improves our productivity and capacity to perform. Thus the study of information technology is a discipline with a very wide net. Anyone who studies information technology has a range of career options and approaches from which to choose. Everything from medicine and science to entertainment, literature, education, and sports bears the mark of technological progress. Anytime someone finds an easier way to do something, a technological leap has taken place. Thus, career opportunities abound.

Careers will be even more plentiful in the future

Although technological progress has remained fairly consistent throughout the ages (despite some scattered moments of relative inactivity), growth tends to be exponential. This means that the time intervals between different leaps are becoming smaller and smaller. The past century is a perfect example. For millennia, humans had tried to fly. In 1903, the Wright brothers achieved their goal. Just 66 years later, we’re on the moon. Where will humanity be 66 years from now? On Mars? In a different galaxy? On a different plane or dimension altogether? No one can know for sure, but if you choose to add information technology to your studies, hopefully you’ll be able to shed some light on the situation.






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