The Information Technology Career Guide

Thinking Ahead to an Information Technology Career

Leonardo DaVinci is now considered one of the greatest artists and inventors to ever have lived. DaVinci, who lived in the 15th century, was passionate about the future, and about devising tools and gadgets that would be useful in that future. A skilled engineer and craftsman, DaVinci created levers and gears, which he then used when inventing the crane and the helicopter. He devised methods for harnessing energy from water, and he created the first bridge, which was intended to span the Gulf of Istanbul. But not everyone believed in DaVinci’s technological genius. In fact, during his time, many believed DaVinci was a crackpot, and it was only years after his death that he was given the credit he deserved.

What Does a Career in Information Technology Involve?

An information technology career is innovation in action. It’s developing new ways to improve humans’ lives. It’s seeing new uses for existing objects, and being smarter and more efficient about how we use them. A technology career means being an entrepreneur. It means facing those who doubt you, and believing in yourself, even though others may not believe in you. An IT career requires art, imagination, engineering, economics, and sociology, because it’s not just about having an interesting idea, but it’s about having an idea that makes sense in society, and improves our lives.

What Does an Information Technology Education Teach You?

An IT education prepares you for this life. During the course of your studies, you’ll learn how to harness those little ideas that you usually write off as “impractical,” and then study their applications in the real world. You will gain knowledge and skills in the design, production, application, and assessment of products, services, and systems. You might be the next DaVinci, and your technology studies will prepare you for a successful technology career in the 21st century.






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The Information Technology Career Guide

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