The IT-Certifications Career Guide

A guide for your career plans with IT-Certifications

In the age of information, those who can manage, interpret, and maintain data wield a tremendous amount of power and influence. Connectivity and easy access to vital information is as important for businesses as it is for individuals. If you have ever lost a cell phone connection or had a system crash, you already know how important all this is intuitively. Information and the ability to use it properly are crucial in today’s technologically drive world.

IT-certifications are a great way to get ahead

If you have ever considered building a career in information management, you will definitely need to complete some type of IT-certification. Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle are some of the more popular certification options.

Microsoft certifications

Microsoft is the standard, office, software package for most businesses and organizations. If you become certified in this field, you signal to potential employers that you have a professional-level understanding of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage, and Project. Given that these various components are nearly universal, it is not hard to see why certification in these areas might improve your earning potential or employability.

Cisco certifications

With the Cisco suite, you will learn how to establish, maintain and repair networks. Connectivity is essential in today’s global economy. Even small, local businesses cannot afford to operate within a bubble if they want to remain competitive. If you can help companies become connected, this will also improve your job prospects.

Oracle certifications

Oracle deals with data management and information analysis. Companies accumulate a tremendous amount of financial, personnel, and research data on a daily basis. Storing and maintaining this information is truly a full time task. Companies want easy access to useful information at all times. By completing certification in this field, you can help businesses make sound financial decisions for the future. Again, this is an excellent credential in the age of information.






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