Interior Design Jobs

General Career Information: Interior Design Jobs

Studies have shown that our living and working spaces influence our moods and personalities tremendously. That’s why hospitals are usually white on the inside. Dressing rooms in concert halls are often green. Weight rooms are usually blue. The interior of a room can have a remarkable effect on a person. And it’s not just about color either. Every aspect counts. Every detail matters.

Interior design careers

Those with interior design careers intuitively understand the relationship between people and places. Their job is to design a living or working space that complements a person’s lifestyle. Using fabrics, colors, furniture, and lightening, an interior designer tries to create the optimal environment for his or her client.

Study your colors. Brush up on your lighting

If this is a career that interests you, you’ll need to study up on some of the basics. What colors create what moods? What lightening is most appropriate for a home office? What furniture is best suited for a family of four? Not only will your studies teach you how to answer these questions, but they will also prepare you to address many of the regulatory and legal aspects of interior design. According to a study done by the Department of Labor, 22 States and the District of Columbia require licensing in this particular career because of the many structural changes interior designers make. Altering a load bearing wall might have dire consequences if done incorrectly.

Job prospects after school

The Department of Labor predicts favorable growth in this field. Increasingly, home owners and businesses are investing more money into interior design and aesthetic alterations. With a degree under your belt, you can expect to be extremely busy over the next decade. Every person is a potential client. Every room is a potential project. If you want a career that promises growth, challenge, and creative freedom, interior design is a great option.






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Interior Design Jobs

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