The Interior Design Career Guide

A guide for your career plans in Interior Design:

Job prospects are rosy in the Interior Design field. Interior Design is a popular career, however. In order to make the most of the exciting opportunities that are available, you’ll need to make sure you get the best possible start.

Getting your Career in Interior Design off the Ground

Your success in interior design will depend upon your eye for design, shape, color. It’s important to be creative and innovative, and to be comfortable with new technology. You’ll also need good communication skills and have the ability to maintain a vision of the end result while focusing on the details that bring it to life.

But before you get the chance to demonstrate these capabilities, you’ll need to go to college to study interior design. Like many careers, the basis of a career in interior design is a college degree. Clients that hire interior designers are looking for someone with at least an associate interior design degree. For more complex, larger or higher profile jobs, clients prefer to hire someone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. So, to get your career off the ground, formal interior design study is a must.

What Will I Study in Interior Design?

In an interior design college program you’ll study the basic skills of drawing, perspective, color, proportion and computer-aided design. You’ll learn how to use furniture, accessories and color to transform residential and commercial spaces in a way that meets your client’s criteria. You’ll also learn how to ensure that your designs accord with the relevant legal and accessibility requirements.






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