Why study Fashion?

What does it mean to study Fashion?

Do you have dreams of designing your own clothing line? Explore how fashion degree programs can make your dreams a reality.

Fashion Degrees: Learn The Ins And Outs Of The Fashion Industry A career in the world of fashion can provide you with numerous opportunities ranging from a fashion designer to a buyer for a large department store. Working with fashion allows you to release your creativity and passion for fashion in a variety of outlets. Whether you are designing dresses or editing a fashion spread for the next season’s latest trends, a career in fashion can be an exciting, glamorous job.

Types Of Fashion Degrees

To be successful in the fashion industry, it is essential you advance your education with a degree program. While pursuing your studies in fashion, you can be faced with the challenge of choosing what type of degree you want. There are numerous areas of fashion that you may wish to pursue for your degree program.

Some of the areas you can obtain a four-year undergraduate degree include:
– Fashion Design
– Accessories Design
– Fabric Styling
– Jewelry Design
– Textile Development and Marketing
– Marketing for the Fashion Industries

You can also further your education and experience and pursue a graduate degree program (ADD) such as a masters in fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, or more. The graduate programs are designed to help you take your education to a higher level. As a fashion student in a graduate program you can have opportunities to develop a professional network with other fashion professionals, providing you important skills and experiences.

Some institutions also have a two-year associate’s degree program, for those students who are looking for a shorter degree program.

Fashion Degree Coursework

As a fashion student, there are numerous courses that you can take to advance your education and skills. Your classes are designed to help prepare you to someday work in the fashion world.

Coursework can encompass:
– Fashion art and design
– Sewing
– Model drawing
– Color
– Textiles
– Fashion history

In addition to the specific fashion courses, most programs also provide you with a basic liberal arts education including classes in mathematics, English, and sciences. Many programs also give students hands on experiences with an internship. Internships are carefully selected and assigned to students based on the educational needs and skills.

Many employers are also looking for potential employees who have experience in business or marketing. According to Inc. Magazine, the fashion industry requires a knowledge of brand copyrights, sales, and analysis of buying markets. A degree in fashion is not enough to make it in the fashion world. To help ensure you remain competitive in a tough industry, you can advance your education with extra courses in business basics.

Skills For A Successful Career in Fashion

Not only do you need the proper education and training to pursue a career in the fashion industry, but you also need to have certain artistic and creative skills. A career in fashion requires that you have an eye for fashion. Color, detail, balance, and proportion should all come naturally to you. Being creative can help your career in the fashion industry, but it is also important to have sewing and tailoring skills. In order to ensure your garment is created to your true vision, you must be able to communicate how the article of clothing should be sewed.

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