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From designers to editors, the fashion industry is always looking for talented professionals. Find out more about the career trends of the fashion world.

Fashion Jobs

A career in the fashion industry can offer you many unique, exciting opportunities. No matter what your area of interest entails, there are numerous opportunities in the ever-changing industry of fashion.

Fashion World Careers

If you are interested in fashion jobs, you must be ready and willing to start at lower positions and work your way up to higher level positions. The fashion industry has a range of careers for beginners.

Some entry level jobs in fashion include:

– Fashion designers for design firms
– Pattern-makers
– Tailors/seamstresses
– Fashion assistant
– Sketching assistant

On the job experience in the fashion industry can advance your career to higher positions such as lead designer, high-fashion designer, fashion editor, and costume designer. The more experience and education you have, the better chance you can have of advancing your career.

Although there are a great deal of careers options, the future of fashion jobs can be hard to predict based on the ever-changing industry. The BLS estimates that careers in cut and sew manufacturing are declining as more and more companies outsource the production of their clothing overseas. High-end boutiques and department stores are also expected to see a decline in fashion jobs as the demand for expensive fashion drops.

Fashion Industry Trends

The fashion industry is a fast-paced industry that is constantly changing. No matter the area of fashion you are pursuing in your studies, you must be aware of the competition that you may face. Fashion jobs are not growing very fast. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the job growth rate is expected to rise only one percent from 2008 to 2018. But do not worry, the fashion world is always looking for talented new people for new fashion trends. There are some areas in the industry that are expected to still have a steady demand, including:

– Fashion designers who create stylish, yet affordable clothing for middle class society
– Designs for mass-marketing clothing sold in retail and department stores
– Wholesale manufacturing for clothing
– Sales and sales-related positions for fashion

Future of the Fashion Industry

The L.A. Times reports that the fashion industry is a $300 billion business, yet there are major changes that are occurring in the industry that can threaten the money making potential. A major impact for the future of the fashion industry is the Internet. It is changing the ways clothes are designed, marketed, and purchased. The Internet allows consumers to have fashion at their fingertips. Customers can browse numerous Web sites for the style they want, the price they can afford, and the brand they want to purchase. Runway looks are mimicked immediately through online stores instead of the six to eight months shoppers would normally wait for the latest fashion trends. Consumers are also spending less on high-end clothing due to the recession and hard economic times, meaning designers need to be prepared to consider lower cost materials and production methods.

The fashion industry is also expected to face challenges in the next few years due to:

– Climate changes
– Fewer resources
– Increase in population

As the climate changes there are fewer materials to create clothing for the growing population in the world. To respond to this challenge, some designers are focusing on green or eco-friendly design by using sustainable textiles in their design. One thing the fashion industry has going for it? No matter the challenge, innovative minds are ready to find beauty in the humble as well as the high end.

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