Fashion Education Requirements

Job Openings & Education Requirements – General Outlook

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Fashion Job Openings & Education Requirements

A career in fashion is not only glamorous and exciting, but challenging and demanding. Fashion jobs are highly competitive and there are not enough open positions for the numerous applicants trying to make it in the fashion world. It is essential to have the proper education, training, and experience in order to remain competitive in a very difficult market.

General Outlook for Fashion Careers

The overall job outlook for careers in fashion is expected to challenging because of changes to the industry in recent years. The L.A. Times reports that the Internet is forever changing the fashion industry. The Internet allows consumers to purchase clothing that is custom made to their size, color, and silhouette preferences, bypassing traditional retail stores and fashion design supply chains. Although the fashion industry has been hit by the economic downturn, and jobs are not growing very fast, there are still some areas of the industry that have a need for qualified employees.

Fashion Designers

A job in fashion design is an area of fashion that does project a small growth. The BLS reports that the growth rate for fashion designers is one percent from 2008 to 2018. The competition for fashion designers jobs is very high because many talented people want to make it big in the fashion world. Although the growth rate is not very high, there will always be a need for new designers to help create new ideas.

Many employers want fashion designers to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion from an accredited art and design school. In order to remain competitive, many designers also obtain a degree in marketing or business to help enhance their education. Your fashion design studies should include essentials such as:

– Colors
– Sewing
– Textiles
– Pattern making
– Fashion history

Most students also participate in an internship program in order to receive real-world training and establish contacts. A degree program in fashion can help prepare you for an entry-level career in a fashion design firm. It takes time and experience to move to a more advanced career, such as chief designer or design department head.

Shoe and Accessory Designers

Like fashion designers, there is still a need for new talent for shoe and accessory designers. Employers are looking for qualified employees who have a eye for colors and details to help create the newest shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Accessory and shoe designers help create such items as:

– Handbags
– Belts
– Hats
– Scarves
– Shoes
– Boots

There is a need for designers to create stylish and affordable designs for the mass markets. Like fashion designers, shoe and accessory designers most often start out in entry-level careers, such as a sketching assistant or a pattern maker and, with time, work their way up to advanced careers.

In order to pursue a career in shoe or accessory design, it is essential to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion. Employers are looking for qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about fashion trends, fabrics, and textiles. It is also important to receive hands-on training in order to be well rounded in fashion.

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