Why study Education?

What does it mean to study Education?

Educators teach–anyone from pre-schoolers through adults. Their salaries are determined by the age of their students, the subjects they teach, the school they teach in (public or private), and–at the university level–the research, writing, and public service they do.

What kind of person makes a good educator?

Great educators know what other people need to know and how to get them to learn it. If you educate, you’ll quickly see that you teach students how to get answers, you don’t just give them the facts. If you’re logical, responsible, and diplomatic, and you want to share your enthusiasm for your favorite subject, you’ll make a great teacher.

Why study education?

Teaching is a calling, and chances are, you’ve already taught someone to do something if you’re reading this. Demand for educators remains high, and, for some, tenure provides career security. Studies report a median salary of $20,000 for pre-school teachers and $45,000 for public primary and secondary teachers, though salaries vary widely by state and locality. School counselors and special education teachers make significantly more. Average salaries for professors are meaningless, since pay depends on research careers and specialization.

How to become an educator

If you long to be in the classroom, you can work as a teacher’s aide with a Certificate. However, if you want to be a primary, middle school, or secondary educator, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach, plus a teaching credential (an additional year, including student teaching) to launch your career. You may even want to get an online masters in education to make yourself stand out from other candidates. If you want a career at the university level, you’ll need a Ph.D. (at least six years beyond the bachelor’s degree).

What’s it like to have a career in education?

You’ll work long hours (evenings and some weekends) to keep up with the paperwork and service requirements of your career. You’ll study and prepare during your summers “off.” Teaching’s greatest rewards are personal. Born teachers need to teach.

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