General Career Information: Education Jobs

Knowledge is power. Thus, a good education is key. No matter how old you are, no matter how strong your career is, a more solid education will take you farther than you are right now. Guaranteed. Learning is a continuous process; not one that stops after college. Just look at the proliferation of distance learning courses, adult education, and Internet schools that have opened up over the past several years. Whether for career advancement or love of knowledge, there are a growing number of people who want to broaden their understanding of certain materials or skill sets.

Teaching is a secure career

Thankfully, teaching is one of the most secure occupations out there. When the economy is up, people have plenty of expendable money to take extra courses. When the economy is down, people want to take extra classes to improve their job prospects.

Careers in education

Because education is continuous, there are countless job openings in this field. Not only can you teach in traditional classroom settings, but you can also work at community centers, churches, and homes. Pick an area about which you are passionate. What study or subject interests you most? Do you enjoy snakes and lizards? Then teach reptilian studies. Do you enjoy cars? Then teach automotive repair. Are you a Constitution buff? Then lead study groups that discuss the legal and political process.

Certification is usually the first step

Not surprisingly, it you want to educate other people, you need to become educated. Thus, certification is required for the majority of teaching positions out there. If you want to work in public schools, you’ll need to be licensed by the State. If private schools are more to your liking, often a bachelors or masters is required. For community classes, the requirements vary. In some cases, all you need to do is display proficiency is whatever studies you plan to teach. In other cases, you’ll need a degree or license of some sort.