Design Careers – Future Outlook

Future Outlook of Careers in Art & Design

Design careers offer the ultimate in creativity, flexibility, and expression. After all, literally everything you do and make is custom made. You’re almost never following a template. You’re creating new, never-seen-before, clothes, Web sites, living spaces, display windows, floral arrangements, and artwork.

Varied careers

As you can see, design career options are quite plentiful. You can work as an interior designer and help decorate living or work spaces. You can begin a career as a fashion designer and visit runways around the world. Floral designers have a great job with year round demand. And even window display designers enjoy a great deal of demand due to the public’s desire for fashion and consumption. Pick a muse and follow it. It’s hard to go wrong in this particular industry.

Formal studies will greatly aid you in your quest

Although options abound, you’ll still need to complete formal studies and certification for some of these jobs. Interior designers, for example, must be licensed and certified in many States (including the District of Columbia). That’s because they sometimes make substantial, internal alterations to existing structures. You’ll need to study basic architecture if you want to enter this field. If you’re a Web designer, you’ll want to study consumer psychology and marketing since your sites will have to compete with the billions of other sites that already exist.

Job growth and prospects

The Department of Labor predicts favorable job growth for the various design careers. Interior design and Web design will probably rise more quickly than the other areas, but none of them is expected to lag too far behind.

Salaries vary quite a bit depending on the exact field. Industrial designers and fashion designers are in the highest bracket making about $52,000 a year. Floral designers are at the lower end of the spectrum making approximately $20,000 a year.






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